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Education Freedom Alliance Announces Govs. Kim Reynolds and Doug Ducey as Co-Chairs

Coalition Launched by Job Creators Network, Committee to Unleash Prosperity, and American Legislative Exchange Council Encourages 25 States to Pass Universal Education Freedom Policies by 2025

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Education Freedom Alliance (EFA) announced Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey are joining the coalition as Co-Chairs. EFA, recently launched by Job Creators Network, Committee to Unleash Prosperity, and American Legislative Exchange Council, builds on recent education freedom momentum nationwide to ensure education dollars follow students, not the system. The EFA seeks to bring universal education freedom policies – where every child is eligible – to 25 states by 2025.

Last month, Alabama officially became the 11th state with universal education freedom with legislation that creates an education scholarship account program that all students will be able to apply for by 2027. Georgia recently took a step in the right direction by passing a new school choice law, a fight that EFA was heavily involved in. EFA will work to expand these state victories throughout the country to help even more families trapped in failing schools. The campaign uses paid, earned, and social media to educate the public about the importance of education freedom, hold state legislators accountable, and sell the wins of recent education freedom legislation. Govs. Reynolds and Ducey, who successfully championed universal policies in their states, will amplify this effort.

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement:

“For too long, students have been hamstrung by failing public schools that don’t teach them the skills needed to succeed. With Govs. Reynolds and Ducey joining as co-chairs, the Education Freedom Alliance is better positioned to expand education choices so these students can get the education they deserve. I am living proof that giving students the chance to flee a failing school for a better education allows them to live the American Dream.”

Alfredo Ortiz has an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with Georgia Rep. Mesha Mainor highlighting the state’s EFA victory. Read it here.

Steve Moore, co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, released the following statement:

“The Committee to Unleash Prosperity is proud to welcome Govs. Reynolds and Ducey aboard as Education Freedom Alliance co-chairs. They will help our effort to expand education choices to families who need them most. School choice levels the playing field by giving poor families the same education choices long enjoyed by their wealthier counterparts. Education freedom is a basic civil rights issue.”

Lisa B. Nelson, CEO of the American Legislative Exchange Council, released the following statement:

“The Education Freedom Alliance is harnessing and building on the education freedom movement to empower parents and students across the nation. With ALEC state legislators leading the way, our Alliance will fight for every child to have access to the best education possible. The American Legislative Exchange Council is excited to be part of this important coalition.”

Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa, released the following statement:

“Passing education freedom legislation in Iowa gives all students in the state, regardless of income or zip code, the opportunity to choose the school best for them. I’m proud to co-chair the Education Freedom Alliance, which will communicate the importance of school choice legislation like Iowa’s and encourage state policymakers throughout the country to follow suit.”

Doug Ducey, 23rd Governor of Arizona and CEO of Citizens for Free Enterprise, released the following statement:

“I’m honored to co-chair the Education Freedom Alliance, and work to expand Arizona’s success to states across the country. Educational freedom is one of our proudest achievements, and this policy is making a real difference for families in the state of Arizona, allowing all children – no matter their zip code – to receive a high-quality education. All American students deserve that same opportunity.”


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