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Empowering Families: Giving Every Military Child The Chance At A Top Education

By Crystal Bonham

This op-ed originally appeared in The Washington Times

Crystal Bonham of The Heritage Foundation writes in this latest op-ed for The Washington Times about the benefits Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) can have for military families to help their children with their education.

Americans cherish the freedom to choose where we live and seek work, so the dedication of military families, facing frequent moves, stands out as an exceptional commitment to service.
Yet this commitment often exacts a toll on the education opportunities for their children — a sacrifice that demands our attention.
This account would then be made available to parents to purchase textbooks, hire a tutor, pay private school tuition, etc., for their children. It’s the least we can do for those who safeguard us daily.
Acknowledging the sacrifices of military families is not enough; action is paramount. While organizations such as SEALKIDS stand in the gap, offering service members the chance to challenge their children and meet their students’ needs, ESAs would empower military families to thrive while they are dedicated to serving our nation.
It’s time to turn gratitude into action and give the children in all military families a great education.

Crystal Bonham is the senior communications adviser in the president’s office of The Heritage Foundation.


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