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Education Freedom Alliance Co-Chair Gov. Doug Ducey on The Hugh Hewitt Show

By: Governor Doug Ducey

Former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called into the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the Education Freedom Alliance; a coalition he co-chairs with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and led by ALEC, Committee to Unleash Prosperity, and Job Creators Network. Created to help improve (not dismantle) our country’s education system, the Education Freedom Alliance believes that education dollars can and should follow the student, not the system. By embracing this approach, the EFA coalition seeks to expand parental rights and education freedom on behalf of all parents and students.

Today, I’m joining Gov. Kim Reynolds, and we’re partnering on a project with the Job Creators Network and the American Legislative Exchange Council to spread the message of education freedom throughout the land. There are 11 states today with universal school choice. Arizona was the first state in the country to do this and Iowa followed. Now, nine other states have done this.
Let me simplify it, Hugh – the best model is what Arizona did, and it’s universal school choice. Every family, every parent in Arizona has access to a nearly $10,000 scholarship for you to send your child to the school of your choice, regardless of what that school is. It can be a a Christian or Catholic School. It can be a private school or for tutoring or for homeschooling. It puts the parents in charge. As a friend once said, “Let’s fund the student not the system.”It’s good for a child’s education because, as we know, every kid learns differently. So we want parents to have that choice.


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