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A Lifeline for Pennsylvania’s Students: Lisa B. Nelson in The Delaware Valley Journal

By: Lisa B. Nelson

ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson recently wrote an op-ed featured in The Delaware Valley Journal, showcasing the national education freedom movement as well as Pennsylvania's opportunity to empower parents with more choice in their children's education.

"With momentum building across the nation and our kids growing up quickly, there’s no time to waste. As Pennsylvania’s budget discussions heat up, now is the time for lawmakers to provide hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania students trapped in schools that don’t work for them with a pathway to a better educational future.
The Keystone State has become the next ground zero in the effort to empower parents and ensure your taxpayer dollars follow your child instead of funding the system. As one of America’s original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania now has the opportunity to become the 13th state to adopt universal education freedom.
The nationwide education freedom revolution was on full display in Philadelphia last month at the Education Policy Academy hosted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Our two-day policy bootcamp was attended by members of the Education Freedom Alliance (EFA), as well as key state lawmakers from Pennsylvania and states around the country who agree parents should be equipped with choice in their children’s education.
Not only did we hear about the success of universal programs in states like West Virginia, Arizona, Iowa, Arkansas, Florida, and others, but we were honored to witness the impact of education choice in-person with a tour of Father Judge High School in northeast Philadelphia."


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