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EFAs Help Students Come First in Iowa: Lisa B. Nelson in N’West Iowa Review

By: Lisa B. Nelson

ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson was featured in the N’West Iowa Review, highlighting the benefits of Education Freedom Accounts and Governor Kim Reynolds’ leadership in promoting education freedom in Iowa.

Gov. Kim Reynolds’ leadership propelled Iowa to become the third state in the country to embrace a universal education freedom account (EFA) program.
Known as the Students First Education Savings Account program in Iowa, this groundbreaking initiative empowers families by allowing state education dollars to follow students to the school that best fits their individual needs.
Now, families can utilize those funds for various educational expenses including standardized testing fees, school uniforms, therapies for students with special needs and more.
As Gov. Reynolds aptly said, “Public schools are the foundation of our education system and for most families they will continue to be the option of choice, but they aren’t the only choice. For some families, a different path may be better for their children.”
At the American Legislative Exchange Council, we believe students should be prioritized over systems. Parents — not government bureaucrats — should oversee their child’s education. That is why we created the Education Freedom Alliance in collaboration with partners like the Job Creators Network and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. We are honored to have Gov. Reynolds co-chairing this initiative alongside former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, whose leadership led to the implementation of a universal EFA program in the Grand Canyon State.


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